“For centuries, winegrowing has been tradition in our family and we are one of the founding members of the VDP at the Mosel. I feel bound to this tradition, so that I do not follow every latest trend but without rejecting innovations. This is the philosophy I consistently try to implement in order to improve the high quality of my wines constantly.

Our vineyards at steep and steepest slopes on the world-famous sites in Wehlen, Graach, Ürzig and Erden at the Middle Mosel are the prerequisite for my elegant and distinctive Riesling wines. Combined with the old stand of grape-vines and hard work effort during the wine year, the basis for extraordinary wines is provided. At first, the Riesling ages in stainless steel tanks and later at least two months in old casks made of oak wood. In this manner, good things endure for a long term. This is confirmed by excellent reviews of the press every year.”